Hidden Mickeys in The Little Mermaid movies

Every Disney movie has embedded Mickeys in them (hidden shapes like the tri-circle Mickey head), and quite often references to other Disney Characters. The Little Mermaid movies are no exception!

Hidden Mickey

The Little Mermaid Hidden Mickeys

Just after the opening sequence, the merpeople swim to the concert. After the sea horse blows his trumpet and King Triton enters and swims over the audience, Mickey, Goofy and Donald can be found sitting in the audience! It helps to watch the scene in slow motion. They will be seen when King Triton gets toward the middle and bottom of the screen, right after his golden triton goes across the screen. Look for Donald's blue sailor hat and Mickey's ears. Goofy (who is the tallest of the bunch and also easy to pick out) is sitting above Donald who is sitting above Mickey. Keep looking at the bottom right corner. When you see the mermaid with the mickey mouse hat (another surprise!), look underneath King Triton's hair.
Hidden Goofy, Mickey in Little Mermaid
After Ariel has rescued Eric from drowning, when she surfaces over her left shoulder is a hidden Mickey in the water.

When Sebastian is standing on the arm of King Triton's throne talking about Ariel being in love, he jumps and for a second his shadow changes to the shape of Mickey's head.
In the scroll that Ursula gets Ariel to sign: Look for a mickey in the middle of the words when it pans over the scroll from top to bottom.
Carlotta, Eric's maid at the castle who bathes Ariel and serves dinner is wearing the same outfit from Cinderella (1950), except for the scarf on her head.

When Eric is waiting for Ariel to arrive one of the portraits is that of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty (1959).
In the scene where the animals are trying to break up the wedding, right as the seals are jumping onto the deck of the boat from the ocean, there is a woman with black hair in a red gown with her back to the camera. The shape of her hair clearly outlines a Mickey head until she turns sideways.

Ariel's Beginning Hidden Mickey

Look at the head of the Octopus to find it. Will not be hard to find!

Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

In "The Little Mermaid II", at the VERY beginning of the movie, it shows a waterfall. Pay close attention to the rocks of the waterfall on the left side of your screen after the seagull flies by. The rocks form a Hidden Mickey.
On the right shoulder of the sea witch in the beginning when she is holding the baby and on the left side of the walrus when he is swimming is a Hidden Mickey.
When Melody and her sea friends try to steal King Triton's Triton: When he is talking to a mermaid you will see columns in the background. Above each column there are 4 holes and 3 of them form a perfect hidden mickey.
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